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At My Yoga Retreat we are all about slowing down, disconnecting from our devices, from our busy lives and our busy minds. 

Our yoga classes on retreat are designed to help you slow down and go deeper within. They are not fast-paced, sweat-inducing classes. 

During our practice we are surrounded by the sounds of nature all around us (we hold classes both in the yoga room and out under the forest canopy).

This close connection to nature in our practice creates a sense of calm and belonging that is often overlooked during our busy day-to-day lives. 

The classes are suitable for beginners to more experienced students and different options are always offered so that each student can tailor the class to their needs at the time. 

This traditional style of yoga  ("Hatha") was designed to relax the body and ease it of it aches and pains in preparation for the deeper practice of meditation. 

Your retreat meditation

Meditation is a common theme throughout our silent yoga retreats.

Almost everyone now knows that science is unanimous in it's verdict that a daily meditation practice can have profound effects on our brain and our moods, and therefore, our general state of happiness and our interactions with others. 

We all know that we should be meditating but it seems difficult and unattainable to most people.

For us, meditating isn't necessarily sitting with your legs crossed and not moving for ages. We can be meditating as we silently move through the forest observing the sounds and the smells. We can be meditating as we eat our food mindfully...completely aware of the taste, the texture and the smell of the food. 

We can be meditating when we are absorbed in a hobby we love, like drawing, photography or singing. 

Over the weekend retreat you will have the opportunity to try many ways of meditating to see which style you are drawn to. 

Being immersed for an entire weekend, in a topic you want to learn is a very effective way to absorb new information and make it part of your life. 

On our weekend yoga retreats we introduce very simple and easy to apply methods of meditation, so that you leave your yoga retreat with the confidence and the knowledge to implement a daily practice in to your life. 

On our November 2018 and March 2019 silent yoga retreats we have a renowned Zen Buddhist monk coming to do a wonderful meditation class for us. He will be introducing us to Zen philosophy and then guiding us through some zen meditations (seated and walking meditations).

You are welcome to sit in a chair instead of the floor for your meditation classes. We also have a wide range of meditation cushions and stools for you to choose from to make you as comfortable as possible. 

Find your calm

When was the last time you just sat like this, with no time limit, with no objective - just simply observing and absorbing the sights, sounds and smells around you? Without the to-do lists swirling about in your mind. Without your "devices" for distractions. 

A weekend away on our silent yoga and meditation retreats in the forest of the Gold Coast Hinterland is the perfect antidote to the constant "busy-ness" of daily life.

We also run private retreats for just 8 guests at the exclusive "Nightfall" in Lamington National Park. These are bespoke retreats, tailored specifically for your group's needs. 

Unlike a holiday which can sometimes be as hectic as a workweek, our retreats allow you to truly slow down...to step away from your phone, your computer and even from social interactions.

It is very liberating to have no need for any control at all over your whole weekend. We have every moment of the weekend laid out for you and meticulously planned so that you will feel supported and nourished. 

This gives you the space and the time to re-discover what is really important to you . 

To reconnect again, to nature and your heart. 

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