5 Ways a silent retreat will bring you calm and clarity 🌿

The view from the waterfall at our Springbrook retreat

1. Not Having To Make Small Talk. It is amazing just how liberating this is! To be with a group for a weekend and have no need to fill the space with pleasantries and politeness. To spend the entire time devoted simply to self, nature and heart. The “silence” on our retreats refers to guests not communicating, but the teachers and facilitators are speaking during classes etc, so there is plenty of stimulation, fun and even laughter on retreat.

2. Digital Detox. This is massive in a time where being attached to our phones and computers is a habit and a hindrance. You will feel a huge relief and a like a weight has been lifted to be able to turn them off for a weekend and eliminate the clutter of technology and the constant barrage of information.

3. No Planning And No Housework! Every minute of your weekend is planned with detailed precision with the one goal in mind: to bring you back to a connection with yourself, nature and your heart and to teach you easy meditation tools to take back to your daily life so you can achieve this calm and clarity by yourself.

You can choose to delve into every class or workshop or simply wander in the forest or take some much needed naps if that’s what you need!

Our private chef will create delicious, healthy feasts for you (with the occasional wicked dessert!)

4. Immersion In Nature. To be surrounded in nature while in silence can be a deeply transformative experience. Our time in nature brings us back to what is important in our life, as all the other “noise” falls away. Allowing us to hear the truth and clarity that is within us all along.

5. A Deep Feeling Of Connection – can arise when we drop into silence and become aware of the subtleties around us. As we slow down we notice things that otherwise get missed…the gentle journey of a leaf floating from a tree, might be all we need in that moment to solve a problem we have been grappling with.

Clarity and calm arise in the silence and the space.

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