"I can't meditate!"

This is such a common mantra and one that I used to repeat often many years ago.

I used to think that meditation was an elusive, unattainable thing that was for more enlightened beings, but not me. And I continued believing this because I was never told otherwise!

As I neared the big “four o” I increasingly had the desire to learn this skill…I knew it was going to be an essential tool as I got older and as those around me got older. I wanted to be more resilient and calm in the face of difficult times.

I read lots and lots of books over many years...I tried so hard to "get" it.

But I didn’t feel I was getting anywhere in my quest.

My problem was that I was trying to “learn” how to meditate. I was trying to find a formula, to intellectualise it.

And it is one of things in life (I think) that can’t be described and doesn’t have a formula.

What works for me may not work for the next person.

But, the thing that I find the most useful is forgetting about “trying” to meditate and practising the skill of concentration and being able to focus on one thing for a period of time.

Everything around us seems designed to diminish this skill in us, or at the very least, make it a lot harder to do

I found that the weekends I spent on yoga retreats were the times my personal practice grew in leaps and bounds...because I was immersed and focussed, away from distractions of TV, mobile phone and work…it gave me the space and the time to discover what has now just become a part of me and my daily life.

And this is my mission now, through yoga retreats and yoga classes, to help people discover for themselves that meditation is not necessarily elusive and mystical.

Anyone can do it…if the desire is there and the willingness to practice.

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