What is a silent retreat?

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

You will experience a weekend of fun, stimulation and interesting things happening, but the only thing is…you don’t have to chat and make small talk.

Music, fun and laughter are interwoven though the retreat in a beautiful and subtle way. To be silent doesn’t necessarily mean to be serious and sombre.

We all arrive on the Friday afternoon and there's quite an excited atmosphere as everyone has a chat and gets to know each other a little before the silence sets in before bed later on.

We explain in detail to our guests how it all works...we make it really easy for you!

Our yoga retreats are nothing like a Vipassana meditation retreat which have quite strict rules and require a lot of discipline: you sit in meditation for up to 10 hours a day and aren’t supposed to read books etc.

We have a huge variety of fun, interesting and very educational classes where we introduce tools and techniques so that you leave with the desire and the knowledge to implement a regular practice into your daily life, the result being a calmer and less-reactive mind, and a more open and functional body.

It’s not lonely at all…you are surrounded by people and there is a kind of “heart-connection" that is often lost in our noisy interactions that can be muddied by personality, ego and judgements.

If you have ever been to a yoga class you have most likely experienced that “after yoga” feeling where you feel calmer, slower and even a little blissful. Then, after the class you are often snapped out of that state, by the news on the radio, an uncomfortable interaction with a friend or relative or the thought of your worries and responsibilities.

But on our yoga retreats…you float out of one class, straight to the most delicious vegetarian and often organic meal…you get to savour this blissful feeling whilst taking your time over your meal for a change…really observing the colours and the flavours of the food.

It is a surprising relief to not have to engage in small-talk…just for a couple of days!

After your yummy meal, you might decide to take a nap in your private room, read that book you’ve been meaning to finish, wander through the forest to the most amazing lookout and waterfall, or indulge in a creative pursuit that you used to love but just never get the time to do anymore…knitting, drawing, journaling… the pace of life is slowed down on retreat and you have the time and space to re-discover the things that make your heart sing.

The photo of the love-heart leaves is from a guest on our last silent retreat who slowed down enough to firstly notice all the beautifully coloured leaves and then to create such stunning he(art) from them. The simple things!

After some indulgent time with yourself you might have another class to go to…on each retreat it's different…we might have an international guest yoga teacher, a Buddhist monk to teach us meditation or a philosophy class called “Live Your Yoga”. The feeling of peace and introspection induced by the classes is heightened because you aren't ever drawn away from it, and once again, you float off to another delicious meal.

Your very peaceful (but full of new teachings and inspiration) day winds down with a lovely guided meditation - some guests come to this in the pyjamas so they can just slide into a peaceful slumber afterwards :)

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